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Black currant seed oil contains a significant amount of GLA, a type of EFA that is involved in the regulation of many important functions involving the heart, fat regulation, metabolism, mental performance and others.

Klee Irwin proffers, "What's most important is finding the right mix of these essential oils." With the inclusion of black currant, flax seed and fish oils among other valuable ingredients in the blend of Essential Health Oil, Klee Irwin has created a product to address these needs.

About Klee Irwin

Klee Irwin, a native of California, has been an herbalist and nutraceutical formulator since the early 1990s. He has formulated numerous natural remedies that have helped millions of people live healthier.

He put his philosophy on alternative medicine into words by saying, “I believe in taking a multi-pronged approach to any health goal. Why attack a problem in only one way when you can strike from many directions?  For example, with my weight loss formulas, I include, in the same blend, ingredients that curb appetite, burn fat, increase energy and slow fat storage.  Using all four of these approaches is far more powerful than just using one.”

A Passionate Speaker

As an educator and communicator, he has broken new ground by reaching people who would otherwise not focus on their health.  One commentator, noting his unique language style, said, “Irwin passionately speaks in visual terms that anyone can grasp.  This allows him to show respect to the intelligence of his audience by tackling complex concepts, such as how we cause our cells to become resistant to insulin, giving ourselves diabetes”.

Research suggests specific fatty acids can enhance digestion, metabolism and the body's fat-binding abilities.

By Klee Irwin, Nutritional Expert, Researcher and Educator,
with the Health Breakthroughs Staff

Improper digestion may be at the core of many weight issues"You may have a new tool in the fight for weight control, and a promising way to keep your body from storing fat," concludes Klee Irwin, Nutraceutical Formulator, Researcher and Creator of leading nutritional products, such as Dual Action Cleanse, Dual Action Diet Cleanse and Essential Health Oil supplements. Scientists now suspect that certain nutritional components can directly control and influence key metabolic factors in the body's cells.

Specifically, researchers have found that essential fatty acids (EFAs) can significantly affect the way the body maintains a healthy weight profile. Like Klee Irwin, health experts are intrigued, because these EFAs may increase thermogenesis, thereby helping the body burn calories instead of storing them as body fat. Analyzing the state-of-the-art research, Klee Irwin agrees this is a significant and exciting discovery. With such news, Klee Irwin recommends the use of the Cellular Research Formulas' Essential Health Oil to complement the digestive and cleansing benefits of Dual Action Cleanse, a leading internal cleanser that detoxifies the digestive system.

Klee Irwin Takes a Hard Look at the Historical Trend of EFAs Role in Promoting Health

Found in fish oils, as well as various plant and vegetable oils, EFAs are vital to the healthy functioning of every organ, cell and tissue in your body. They are necessary for cell oxygenation, metabolic regulation, brain and nerve function and rapid recovery of fatigued muscles. Instrumental in digestive and intestinal health, EFAs offer soothing, healing and lubricating properties to the joints, brain, heart and more. For these reasons, Klee Irwin's Essential Health Oil is offered as an enhancement to provide full system support in conjunction with Dual Action Cleanse, the front-runner for internal cleansers on the market today.

Klee Irwin reports that as far back as 1974, some scientists (including Dr. Hugh Sinclair of Oxford University) have been researching the role that essential fatty acid oils play in overall health and well-being. During the ensuing years, Dr. Sinclair investigated why the traditional Inuit diet, while among the fattiest and highest in cholesterol, resulted in few incidences of cardiovascular problems among these native Eskimo people. He suspected that nutrients in their diet-which consisted largely of seal meat, fish and crustaceans-could be the key. "Dr. Sinclair's studies led to the category of specific fatty acids being called EFAs and to intriguing discoveries about their health benefits," explains Klee Irwin.

Essential oils found complement the Dual Action Cleanse system perfectlyFor example, a clinical trial conducted at England's Northern General Hospital found that high-risk heart patients given EFAs for eight weeks achieved significantly healthier triglyceride, cholesterol and blood pressure levels (Rylance, 1986). Another recent study suggested that supplementing with capsules containing EFAs helped significantly reduce triglyceride and LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels and yielded a 43% reduction in the risk of some study participants suffering a heart attack over the next 10 years (Laidlaw & Holub, 2003). Klee Irwin concurs that these are significant discoveries supporting Dr. Sinclair's hypothesis about the key role of EFAs.

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